Multi-branch Vacuum cleaner head

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The revolutionary vacuum head with multiple aspiring branches! (Compatible with all models of vacuum cleaners)

Tired of never being able to suck up all the dust that slips in the corners of your furniture, under the seats of your car or in your radiators? Let us introduce you to the revolutionary new accessory.

This vacuum cleaner head picks up the dust like no other vacuum cleaner head!

 Finished the rigid tips that you have trouble getting through the corners or behind your furniture. This versatile, multi-limbed suction accessory is unique and designed to suck dust but not small objects!

This accessory uses dozens of small individual suction tubes (+ 50!). These tiny tubes are flexible and unlike other cleaning tools, they can go wherever the dust is hiding. Clean around tiny objects without aspiring them themselves, it's revolutionary!

Practice! This tool is also perfect for cleaning around fragile objects.

Delivery with a universal adapter so that it can connect to any vacuum cleaner. No worries, you can be sure that your universal nozzle will fit your vacuum cleaner.

Ideal for keyboards, drawers, blinds, furniture, cars and much more. This is the best cleaning tool ever invented for years!


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