Electric Blackhead Vacuum Suction Tool

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Power Button (On And Off)
Red light Indicator: Low Power (Need to charge)
Green Light Indicator: Full Power
-USB cable (1),
-Multifunctional Suction Heads (5),
-Seal Rings (See Images)
-Sponges (See Images)
-Instructional Manual (1)
1-Suction bigger than traditional comedo suction probe 
2-Replaceable suction heads suitable for different skin textures
3-Different suction head, different function (Heads usually control suction)
4-Recharchable (2.5 Hour Charge Life,1.5 Hour Charge Time)

-warm your pores using a hot towel prior to using the vacuum. This will ensure optimum results.
-Do not overuse, as it may cause irritation. We suggest two to three times a month.

Shipping takes : 1-2 weeks for delivery.